The first report on actual footage from James Cameron's decade-in-the-making alien odyssey Avatar is in, and it sounds... trippy. Minor spoilers ahead.

A source tells 3-D movie blog MarketSaw there's a 12-minute-long sequence where you see through the eyes of someone running through the forests of the planet Pandora in one of the "Avatars" that let humans walk around in an alien body. Apparently "your brain will melt" when you - the audience member - are running through the 3-D jungles of Pandora and "their tails are moving in front of your face."


And someone in Germany says he/she already saw a three-minute clip that included part of this sequence. In it, your first-person narrator runs along on a root, and then the root comes to an end, and the person jumps onto another root and keeps running. And the trees look as tall as skyscrapers and it's dusty and dark.

A second clip shows a convoy driving through a canyon, and then a few big rocks roll into the canyon. And a third clip shows the inside of a huge, massive mushroom with a crystal in the middle. Whoa.

Also MarketSaw's source says Avatar is "like Aliens, but from the POV of the Aliens."