Today, find out which scenes in Thor: The Dark World were added later, and what exactly Joss Whedon did to the script. And Joanna Page explains the romance between the Tenth Doctor and Queen Elizabeth Plus, all the Saoirse Ronan casting news you could ever want. Spoilers now!

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Batman vs. Superman

First of all, until we hear otherwise, I'm shortening the Man of Steel sequel title to just Batman vs. Superman. Second of all, the rumors about other superheroes joining Batman and Superman in the movie are getting really interesting.

Latino Review says that the production is looking to cast an adult Dick Grayson. According to them, casting is looking for "a young John Hawkes type." They add that the actor is going to be doing martial arts, and will not be partnered with Batman when the film takes place. If he's fighting, but isn't Robin, that would likely make him Nightwing.

Also, more rumors are coalescing around the idea of Wonder Woman appearing. Schmoes Know is reporting that Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) has tested for the role. Granted, she's going to be filming the horror film Mara in May, so even if she had tested, and she was picked, she might not have time for it.

If all these rumors are true, we may be looking at Man of Steel 2: Batman vs. Superman (and Nightwing and Wonder Woman). [IGN]


Thor: The Dark World

For those of us in the United States, the movie comes out today. Director Alan Taylor described two of the scenes that were shot and added later during reshoots, and explained why they were added:

It’s my experience with the Marvel process they save a portion of the budget for this and what we were basically doing. A lot of it was getting more Loki stuff, because we realized how successful he was in the movie, so we sort of “Loki-ed it up” a little bit.

Well there’s a scene that we probably shouldn’t identify too much, that’s one of the funniest scenes in the movie where Loki’s a shapeshifter. That was a very, very late addition. And there’s a connective thing at the beginning that bridges from The Avengers story to sort of explain how Loki is in prison or why he is in prison. That was a very, very late addition. That was probably “more Loki is a good thing,” but also we decided it was an expositional link that was needed for the audience. So those are two examples of Loki stuff.


He also explained what, exactly, Joss Whedon had to do with the script:

The thing he was brought in to help with was not a comedy scene, it was an emotional scene between Thor and Jane. I think he also did a pass with one of my favorite scenes, Thor and Loki talking in the Asgardian skiff at night when the brothers actually have time together to talk. That was one of my favorite scenes and I think he had a pass on that.

More at the link. [Slashfilm]

Natalie Portman says that some of the fantastical elements of the Thor sequel, especially those involving Thor and Jane Foster's relationship, are just dressing up the things that normal people experience all the time:

The humor helps. This script was very clever and witty, and that helps keep all the wild special effects in check. I also think that the characters are going through some very relatable things, even though they’re traveling between realms. You don’t look at it as, “Thor went off to fight this epic battle in a far off realm.” You look at it as, “there was this great guy who suddenly didn’t return your calls.” That helps ground it. It’s a long-distance relationship. You’re getting to meet his parents and they don’t quite approve. Things like that. You find the normality of that, and all of the costumes and sets and wild things going on aren’t quite so wild anymore. It also helps that I’m the mortal among the gods and villains and monsters near me, so that’s naturally more grounded. But a lot of the issues they have, they’re still pretty relatable. Rivalries between brothers and things like that.


More at the link. [Mania]

Jurassic World

The latest casting rumor here is that Jason Schwartzman is up for an as-yet unknown lead role in the next Jurassic Park film. [ScreenCrave]


Star Wars

Saoirse Ronan is one of the few people rumored to have auditioned for Star Wars who actually confirmed it. And now she's saying she didn't get the part:

I don't have Star Wars. I don't have the role. I just shouldn't have said anything. I just auditioned for it, like everyone else did.



Fantastic Four

Ronan also said that anything you've heard about her and the Fantastic Four movie are flights of fancy:

I only heard that rumor. I'm not signed up for Fantastic Four.


How to Catch a Monster

Finally, the last bit from the Saoirse Ronan bag. Ronan's already filmed How to Catch a Monster, Ryan Gosling's first movie as a director. Nothing's been officially released about the plot, but it's been said to be a post-apocalyptic film largely set in an underwater city. Ronan was able to say just a bit about her character and the feel of the film:

I can tell you I have a pet rat and we used a rat who I fell in love with and I wish that I could have kept. He was amazing. We became very close.

It's kind of, in a way, like if Ryan was a film, it would be this film. It's a lot of his personality; this kind of off-centered humor to it, it's very dark and twisted, and really cool. There's a bit of neon in there. There was a neon flamingo in one scene, I remember. It's pretty cool.




Lou Taylor Pucci, star of Evil Dead, and Nadia Hilker have been cast as the leads in Spring, a science fiction/horror film. The movie follows “Spring,” a young man in a downward spiral (presumably Pucci), who leaves Southern California for Italy. There, he has a romance with a woman carrying a dark secret (presumably Hilker). [Variety]



Brad Bird's live-action film based on a section of a theme park has had its release date changed. Instead of coming out on December 12th, 2014, it'll be coming out on May 22nd, 2015. [First Showing]


X-Men: Days of Future Past

Here's a new photo, giving us a closer look at Michael Fassbender's Magneto costume. Also note the wrecked building and people (government people? At least one of them's in uniform and a bunch have the lapel pin endemic to government officials) in the background. [MTV]


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Go here for some character posters and below is the video for the song "I See Fire," by Ed Sheeran, which'll be the song heard over the end credits. [First Showing]


Doctor Who

The BBC has released short interviews with Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna Coleman and Joanna Page. Here's Moffat on why he chose to bring back the Zygons:

The Zygons without question are a design classic. They are superb; brilliant from the voice, to the appearance. Essentially we’ve resurrected exactly the same Zygon as Tom Baker fought back in the 70s. They are beautiful, and it’ll show that the special looks forward to the future of Doctor Who and also celebrates the legend.


Matt Smith described a scene with the two Doctors comparing screwdrivers (not a euphemism):

[W]e’re not competitive, I mean there’s a funny bit in the script between the 10th and 11th Doctors comparing Sonics, so there’s competitiveness in the story, but not off screen. We just had a laugh and it was exciting to see David back in the pin striped suit and the Converse. John only has to move his eyes and he flaws you and Billie’s, Billie. I adore Billie, so we had a great time.

And here's Jenna Coleman talking about the interaction between Smith, Tennant, and John Hurt and the stunt work in the special:

So not only do we have David back, we also have John Hurt starring as the Doctor, which is massively exciting. And again the three of them complement each other totally, and it utterly works. It’s great to see all of them together.

Q: There are some big stunts in this episode. What was it like filming in the TARDIS dangling from a crane in front of crowds in Trafalgar Square?

It’s one of the major stunts that we did and one of the big opening sequences at the beginning of the episode. We actually filmed it in a couple of stages including at St. Athens airfield where me and Matt were in the TARDIS being swung from side to side. Then in the second half, we were actually lowered down into Trafalgar Square. I think it will be quite an iconic image, it certainly felt like that on the day. Although I didn’t get to the do the really high stunt in Trafalgar Square, which I was devastated about and was kind of stood around begging people to go up, but I got to do the end of it.


Joanna Page described the romantic relationship between Queen Elizabeth and the Tenth Doctor:

Filming the romantic scenes were quite difficult because my first day was on top of a mountain in Neath. It was absolutely freezing, it was blowing a gale and David, the Tenth Doctor and I, are having a picnic. So I’m lying across him and he probably couldn’t breathe, because I’ve just got this massive costume on, and he’s feeding me grapes as I’m just desperately shivering. You’ve got to try and play it romantic and relaxed, when actually you’re freezing cold. I think our lips were turning blue and I stopped feeling my hands. The next day, because it had been so cold with the wind my hands were bright red and all blistered because they were so chapped. So everyone is probably jealous, thinking she gets to kiss the Tenth Doctor and it’s all romantic, but it’s not; my lips were numb and my hands were chapped.

So much more at the link. [Life, Doctor Who & Combom]

And here are a few promo photos for "The Day of the Doctor." [Blogtor Who]



Sleepy Hollow

Showrunner Mark Goffman says that the friendship between Abbie and Ichabod is central to the characters:

I think it’s important that Abbie and Crane have a connection. I think it’s important that they become friends, but at the same time, it’s a very uneasy friendship, because also dramatically, you need to realize that they come from very different worlds. They’re together through fate, and because they have an important mission that they have to go through together.


Goffman also previewed an upcoming sword fight with Ichabod:

We just shot a couple days ago a duel that he did. The man is a swordsman. It’s going to be really fun. That episode will air in November.

Hold on to your hats, because Goffman also said that an upcoming episode will have Ichabod learning about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings. Fingers crossed that this is handled well.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Agents of SHIELD

Go here for a huge gallery of photos from "The Well," which will be the Thor crossover episode airing on November 19th. [Coming Soon]




A few days ago, Tim Omundson tweeted that he would be in this season, and how we know what part he'll be playing: Cain, of Cain and Abel. [Entertainment Weekly]


Here's the official synopsis of episode 9.08, "A Rock and a Hard Place":

SAM AND DEAN REUNITE WITH SHERIFF MILLS —- Sheriff Mills (guest star Kim Rhodes) calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help investigating multiple murders in her small town. Discovering all four victims belonged to the same church chastity group, Sam and Dean decide to infiltrate by joining the group themselves. When Dean disappears, Sam and Sheriff Mills realize whatever they are hunting has taken Dean too and team up to rescue him. John MacCarthy directed the episode written by Jenny Klein (908)


[K Site TV]

Almost Human

J.J. Abrams told reporters that, while it is set in the not-so-distant future, and things look pretty bad, it's not totally a dystopia:

It’s not raining all the time. The atmosphere isn’t completely ruined. . . . There’s a sense of going forward . . . [Humanity's] resilient, and we’re going to succeed.


Karl Urban also talked about the dynamic with Lili Taylor's Captain Sandra Maldonado:

[She's] not only our captain, she’s also like a big sister. There’s definitely a personal connection there.

More at the link [TV Line]

Here's a new poster, too. [SpoilerTV]



Emily Brett Rickards says that a kiss between Felicity and Oliver isn't coming yet, because it hasn't been "earned":

They kind of have to earn it. I understand that there are those moments, but they have to get to the point where there’s the option, because there honestly hasn’t been an option. They are alone together sometimes, and they haven’t really ever talked about it or they’ve never hung out outside of the Arrow cave.

I don’t want Felicity to get lost in Olicity moments. I would love to see Felicity do things other than things that revolve around Oliver…once she does start doing other things, then Oliver will have his eyes opened. I think that’s the only way to do it, for him to be like, ‘Oh something’s missing.'


[Entertainment Weekly]

Once Upon a Time

This Sunday's episode's going to go back to Storybrooke, and the last episode set us up to see Ariel there. Go here for a complete set of photos, but in the ones below notice two new characters played by James Immekus and Matt Kane. Their character names haven't been revealed, but we know that the Freya Tingley, who was Wendy Darling last season, is also in the episode. So could these two be playing Darlings? Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have already said that they consider the Darlings integral to any story involving Peter Pan. . . [TV Line]




Tonight's episode has Nick dealing with a large amount of guilt over killing someone and has an intense fight between him and Monroe. [Entertainment Weekly]


Tomorrow People

Here's the preview for episode six, "Sorry for Your Loss."

American Horror Story: Coven

Here's a description of episode seven, "The Dead":

A year earlier: Kyle, hanging with his buddies, shares his dreams about leading a useful, helpful life.

Today: Those who died and were revived try to come to terms with their undead status. One of them, who lived a numbed life and is even more numbed now, is desperate to feel again... to feel anything at all... and is willing to go to extreme measures to make it happen. Another, horrified by what he's become, only wants to die and feel nothing anymore. But the two find they ultimately have more in common than not. Meanwhile, Queenie spends a night out with Madame LaLaurie, and the two continue to forge their unlikely bond... and something LaLaurie says leads Queenie to question her place in the Coven, and seek out the only other place she feels she might belong. But will the price to be accepted there be too high? Meanwhile, an increasingly ailing and insecure Fiona finds new purpose in a love affair with a very, very dangerous lover... one who's had his eye on her for a very, very long time. Cordelia makes a fateful decision about her mother, and enlists Zoe's help. And Zoe goes on a fact-finding mission that leaves her thirsting for vengeance.


[Spoiler TV]


Here's a preview of episode 2.06, "Keep Your Enemies Closer":

Beauty and the Beast

Below's a picture from Monday's episode, which will feature the show's first ever female Beast. Her name is Tori, and she's the daughter of the Beast who is Vincent's target of the week. [Seattle PI]


Here's the synopsis for November 25th's "Man or Beast?"

A DIFFICULT DECISION ALTERS CAT AND VINCENT'S RELATIONSHIP FOR GOOD —- Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) find themselves at odds on how to deal with Agent Reynolds (guest star Ted Whittall), which forces Vincent to wonder if he is more beast than man. Cat makes a drastic move that will forever change her relationship with Vincent. Sendhil Ramamurthy and Nina Lisandrello also star.


[K Site TV]

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