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Lou Ferrigno's going to play the Hulk one more time! Could Star Wars return to being a summer-movie franchise? Bill Paxton wants to join the Avatar sequels. And a familiar face could be joining The Amazing Spider-Man 3. There's a report from someone who saw an hour of How To Train Your Dragon 2. Spoilers now!

Top image: The Walking Dead

Star Wars

Disney's Alan Horn confirmed that Episode VII is indeed already doing some second unit shooting in Dubai. He also indicated that later installments could come out in May instead of December — this quote is being interpreted as saying that Episode VII might return to its original release date of May 2015, but in the context it sounds more as though he's talking about the later films. Here's what Horn said:

We're not prepared to announce it yet but we will be very shortly announcing what we're doing....We did some second unit work in Abu Dhabi and other places, because we have all these locations we have to film and we have to give it that "Star Warsian," if I can use that as an adjective, look. So we needed to go to different places that give us the right look and feel and we did have second unit work shooting already but we haven't commenced the main part of principle photography yet.

. . . we may revert. The Star Wars dates have been May, and we may revert to that at some point, it depends on the readiness of the screenplays or where we are, but this first one will be December 18th of 2015, so we'll start with that and we'll see.


[Galactic News One, Coming Soon, Bloomberg]

Avatar Sequels

Bill Paxton's more than willing to join the Avatar sequels, saying at WonderCon:

I describe Jim Cameron calling me up as being like the Batphone in my house. It's like Commissioner Gordon. 'Yes, Jim, what do you want me to do? Set myself on fire? I'm in! I'm in, Jim!

[Los Angeles Times]


Director Gareth Edwards talked to Spinoff Online about whether the 1998 Godzilla gave them more freedom or made them more cautious:

I mean, it's equal. I think if you were trying to remake Casablanca, you might – I don't know if that would be easier or harder. And yeah, I think we try to avoid any real comparisons, because the inspiration for us was the original '54 movie. I feel like if all that ever existed was that '54 movie and there was never another Godzilla, we probably would have still been trying to make it. Like, it was that film that – the fact that it had weight, like – the fact that it was serious, because I think there's a lot of temptation for people like me to do interviews like this and say all of those buzzwords, where it's like, "We're taking it seriously, it's going to be gritty and realistic," and think that we're special. And the reality is that 60 years ago is very realistic, very gritty, harrowing monster movie called Godzilla and they kind of did it first. But I just think Godzilla's never going to go away. I think there's a reason it survived 60 years. It taps into something very primal, this expectation that nature is going to – we've had it too good. Nature's going to come, we're going to get our justice for messing up the planet and things and the power of nature. And I just think we're always going to feel that way. There's a little bit of guilt we have for being the alpha predator. And that one day, maybe we will lose that position as alpha predator, and we will get punished.


[Spinoff Online]

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Lou Ferrigno says he will be providing the voice for the Hulk in the Avengers sequel, as he did in the Incredible Hulk movie. [Nuke the Fridge]


Robert Downey Jr. has sent out a not-that-revealing photo of himself on set with executive producer Jeremy Latcham, [Coming Soon]


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Footage screened over the weekend revealed that the movie has Hiccup wielding a magic fire sword, Astrid and Hiccup are still together after five years, villain Drago Bludvist once engaged in a massacre that targeted someone close to Hiccup, and that Hiccup's parents reunite in singing, dancing fashion. Plus everyone has dragons, with Stoick having a large one and Valka having many of them. And as for Riffnut, here's what Hypable has to say:

After tirelessly fending off Fishlegs and Snoutlot, she finds the man of her dreams while dragon pirate Erit (Kit Harington) captures her in a catapulted net trap. Her slow-motion "take meeeee" is hilarious, and sets up a great comedy romance.


The ice dragon has a giant castle to house Valka's dragons. [Hypable]

Black Chapter

Skydance will produce this film by director Len Wiseman and screenwriter Zak Penn. The film will follow an FBI agent who finds a classified military program that trains operatives in paranormal activities. [Hollywood Reporter]


The Giver

Here's a new trailer. [via First Showing]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

In a Google+ Hangout to promote the movie, director Marc Webb said we could be seeing J. Jonah Jameson in the next film:

I like the idea very much of him coming up in the next film. It was more easy to accept a new Spider-Man than someone who could outdo J.K. Simmons in that role, he is so iconic. That's something we've really talked about. Obviously I love that character because he poses such an interesting dilemma for Spider-Man. The answer is I don't know, but I think you can expect to see him in the future.


[Coming Soon]

Here's an Electro featurette. [Coming Soon]


Edge of Tomorrow

Bill Paxton told Crave Online about his character and his role in the film:

Well, I'm a platoon sergeant, I'm a country guy from Kentucky who's got a great zeal for life in the military and the idea that a man can only truly prove his character in combat, which there's a lot of truth to be said for that, when you really put your balls on the line. I know it's a character that's going to score with our men and women of the military and I hope they enjoy it because it's kind of an homage to their service.

Tom comes into my platoon on the eve of a great battle against this alien invasion and very much like Normandy. The movie's coming out, by the way, on the anniversary of D-Day, June 6. But then, he keeps dying in battle but waking up and it's the eve of the battle. We don't know he's going through this so it's a very reactive part. There's a lot of perversity in it, a lot of dark humor and it's not a sequel, it's not a superhero movie.

It's original, even though it has elements, the time loop, the alien invasion, you haven't seen this combination. Emily Blunt and Tom are great together so there's a tough chick warrior as well as a tough guy warrior, or a guy who discovers his inner warrior. Cruise's hero's journey is kind of the audience journey in this world. I think it's going to be a really fun ride for people. I'm psyched to be here.


[Crave Online]

Here's a new poster. [Worst Preview]


The Walking Dead

Comic Book Resources has the transcript for showrunner Scott Gimple's interview on the podcast the Walking Deadcast. In it, Gimple says that no one's too important to kill:

Well, that isn't this show. I mean, it's a bummer, but nobody's too important to kill off. I'm not thrilled to say that, but it's just the nature of this show. Anybody can die, anybody will die, and my goal is that it not just be for shock value and that it serve the story. People might last a good long time, or they might be taken tomorrow. And the speculation of all of it — I try not to pay too much attention to that, because it's really important that we just serve our story. People are thinking that we're killing too many people, that we're not killing enough people. I'm just trying to tell the story.


And as for next season, Gimple says:

Hmm — I guess I can say, from a vibe point of view, the first eight of Season 4 were one thing, the second eight were something very different. These next eight are going to be something very different again. Things are just going to have a much different tone and a much different practical reality moving forward. The season has a number of shifts of location, and even of the tone. But the tone for most of the season is very, very, very intense. [It's] going to be very different from the last half-season, and I loved the last half season, but it was always planned out in my head that there would be these big shifts, and we're about to have one of those big shifts.

You do shifts formally, too. Like, you have Beth reading from her diary, you have this dream flashback. You like to mix it up.

We're never going to become "Lost" with flashbacks, but we always want to play around with things, whether it be time or structure or perspective. We have an opportunity to do that, we have a great variety of characters and types of stories that we tell. So why not use all the tools to do so to make it fun?


[Comic Book Resources]

Here's a video interview with Chandler Riggs. [via SpoilerTV]

Agents of SHIELD

Bill Paxton says that the role of Garrett has grown so much over time. Plus, he'd really like to be in a Marvel movie:

It did [grow], it did. They started writing for me and I knew it was penciled in where it was possibly going and I'm having so much fun now that they've unmasked Garrett and his true nature has come out. I've got three more episodes and they're pretty cool. There's a great episode that really deals with Ward, how he ended up almost like my surrogate son and also a little bit about where I came from, why I tick the way I do. Then of course we're all coming in for the season finale.

Does your deal allow you to cross over in to the Marvel movies should they choose to?

I would like to think so. I would love to think so. I really enjoyed working with Jed Whedon and his wife Maurissa [Tancharoen] who's the creators, and Jeff Bell the show runner, and Jeph Loeb. It's been a great group of guys.

I mean, if Samuel L. Jackson can do "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," you should be able to do The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

From your lips…

[Crave Online]

Falling Skies

The WonderCon panel revealed that there are "imminent threats elsewhere," but a small recon team, including Cochise, was left behind to watch the humans from a distance. Seychelle Gabriel revealed that Lourdes has been changed by what Lexie did for her at the end of the last season. Gabriel said that her character "is very devoted to Lexie" and "doesn't want her new 'peace and non-harming' (persona) to be (put into) jeopardy."


As for Maggie and Hal, they're apart and Maggie is trapped somewhere wihout weapons. Sarah Carter said that Maggie still "doesn't trust anyone" and will be in a "surprising" love triangle. [TV Equals]

Game of Thrones

Here are the official descriptions of some upcoming episodes:

Episode #35: "First of His Name"

Debut: SUNDAY, MAY 4 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Other HBO playdates: May 4 (11:30 p.m., 2:00 a.m.), 5 (11:15 p.m.), 6 (9:00 p.m., midnight), 7 (12:30 a.m.), 8 (10:00 p.m.), 9 (9:00 p.m.), 10 (10:35 p.m.) and 16 (8:00 p.m.)

HBO2 playdates: May 5 (9:00 p.m.), 9 (1:25 a.m.), 11 (3:10 p.m., 8:00 p.m.) and 26 (8:00 p.m.)

Cersei (Lena Headey) and Tywin (Charles Dance) plot the Crown's next move. Dany (Emilia Clarke) discusses future plans. Jon (Kit Harington) embarks on a new mission.

Written by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss; directed by Michelle MacLaren.

Episode #36: "The Laws of Gods and Men"

Debut: SUNDAY, MAY 11 (9:00-10:00 p.m.)

Other HBO playdates: May 11 (11:30 p.m., 2:00 a.m.), 12 (10:30 p.m.), 13 (9:00 p.m., midnight), 14 (1:05 a.m.), 15 (10:00 p.m.), 16 (9:00 p.m.), 17 (12:45 a.m.) and 23 (8:00 p.m.)

HBO2 playdates: May 12 (9:00 p.m.), 16 (2:00 a.m.), 18 (12:45 a.m., 8:00 p.m.) and 26 (9:00 p.m.)

Stannis (Stephen Dillane) and Davos (Liam Cunningham) set sail with a new strategy. Dany meets with supplicants. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) faces down his father in the throne room.

Written by Bryan Cogman; directed by Alik Sakharov.

Episode #37: "Mockingbird"

Debut: SUNDAY, MAY 18 (9:00-10:00 p.m.)

Other HBO playdates: May 18 (11:30 p.m., 2:00 a.m.), 19 (11:00 p.m.), 20 (8:00 p.m., midnight), 21 (12:45 a.m.), 22 (10:00 p.m.), 23 (9:00 p.m.) and 24 (1:45 a.m.)

HBO2 playdates: May 19 (9:00 p.m.), 23 (3:50 a.m.), 25 (2:15 p.m., 8:00 p.m.) and 26 (10:00 p.m.)

Tyrion enlists an unlikely ally. Daario (Michiel Huisman) entreats Dany to allow him to do what he does best. Jon's warnings about the Wall's vulnerability fall on deaf ears. Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) follows a new lead on the road with Pod (Daniel Portman).

Written by David Benioff & D. B. Weiss; directed by Alik Sakharov.



Here's a clip from tonight's "Seeing Red":

The 100

Similarly, here's a clip from "His Sister's Keeper":


Go here for photos from next week's backdoor pilot for the Bloodlines spinoff, which has Sam and Dean running into the Mafia-esque creature families of Chicago, who are being tracked by new hunter Ennis. And, you know, a star-crossed love affair between a shapeshifter and a werewolf. [TV Line, K Site TV]


Once Upon a Time

Here's the synopsis for episode 3.19, "A Curious Thing":

"A Curious Thing" - Zelena threatens to kill Henry if Hook - whose lips have been cursed by the Wicked Witch — doesn't proceed with kissing Emma, which will drain all of her magical powers away, and things begin to heat up between Regina and Robin Hood. Meanwhile, back in the Fairy Tale Land that was during the past year, Snow and Charming go in search of Glinda, The Good Witch of the South, to see if she can help them defeat Zelena, and the curse that will ultimately send the Fairy Tale characters back to Storybrooke is cast — but from an unlikely source, on "Once Upon a Time," SUNDAY, APRIL 27 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Once Upon a Time" stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen/Regina, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David, Emilie de Ravin as Belle, Colin O'Donoghue as Hook, Michael Raymond-James as Baelfire/Neal Cassidy, Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold.

Guest starring are Lee Arenberg as Leroy/Grumpy, Beverley Elliott as Granny, Sarah Bolger as Aurora, Rebecca Mader as Zelena, Sunny Mabrey as Glinda, Julian Morris as Prince Phillip, Sean Maguire as Robin Hood and Christopher Gauthier as Smee.

"A Curious Thing" was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Ralph Hemecker.



Go here for more photos from that episode. [SpoilerTV]


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Warehouse 13

Here's the promo for episode 5.03, "A Faire to Remember." [SpoilerTV]

Go here for more photos from that episode. [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Madeleine Monson-Rosen

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