Just how badly will the Total Recall remake flop?

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1990's Total Recall was one of the most profitable movies ever — it cost just $65 million to make and grossed around $262 million worldwide. But the new remake, starring Colin Farrell, was reportedly made for a staggering $200 million. And even though it comes out on Friday, we're hearing almost no buzz about it. It's getting the kind of attention usually reserved for a low-budget remake of a European horror movie.


So the question is: Just how badly will Total Recall bomb? You decide!

Update: Added an option for "it will make at least $500 million worldwide," since people were complaining there wasn't an option for it to be a hit.



It's always premature to call something a flop — lots of people seem to assume that Prometheus is a failure on the order of John Carter, but it's earned about $300 million on a budget of around $130 million, which is not that bad for an R-rated SF movie with no Hollywood stars. (And it hasn't even opened in a lot of European markets yet.)

My guess is that Total Recall will do just fine — it's an R-rated August action movie much in the same vein as Expendables, aimed at adult audiences who are bored with spandex and cartoon characters. Might not be a huge hit, but it'll probably clean up in foreign sales and on video and cable/streaming. Keep in mind that the original Recall also cost a fortune and was considered a potential disaster for Schwarzenegger and Carolco in 1990.