Just Call Harvey Dent The Comeback Kid

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Don't give up on Harvey Dent! Gotham City's crusading district attorney wouldn't give up on you, so why shouldn't you have faith in his comeback chops? Actor Aaron Eckhart is ready - eager, even - to reprise the "white knight" role from The Dark Knight in a third Batman movie. Spoilers ahead, kiddies.

Eckhart told reporters:

To work with Christian (Bale) all over again, and the cast, would be phenomenal. I think this movie is a movie of a lifetime.


So, are there some obstacles to Harvey Dent's big return to the public eye? Sure. There are always obstacles in politics, but a true leader doesn't let a few setbacks stop him.

(And here's the spoilery bit.) Just google the phrase "Harvey Dent faked his death" and you'll see the rampant speculation online. Just because there's been a funeral doesn't mean that Harvey can't bounce back in B3. Trust him - he's got an honest face. [Hollyscoop]

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Falsoman el Garabatero

I think they could spin it as being keeping two face in arkaham without people knowing.

Also, the fact that Batman blamed himself was not to protect Harvey Dent only, but because it was said too many times on the story that if Harvy Dent looses credibility, there was a risk that every prosecution he ever succeded on was gonna be revoked.

So if somebody was to take the fall for Dent's crimes it should be Batman, as he is not the kind of character that even being the crazy psycopat that he joker is, would let him (the joker) be blamed for crimes that he didn't comit. It's happened on the comics before.

That aside, i think this is JUST a movie, a very good one with some very strange plotholes, but just a movie about a man that dresses up like a bat full of gadgets. And as such it shouldn't be taken much seriously.