Jurassic World Image Shows Chris Pratt And His Best Friend—A Raptor

Illustration for article titled iJurassic World/i Image Shows Chris Pratt And His Best Friend—A Raptor

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow just tweeted out this image of two best friends being best friends forever. Truly, this movie will kill me.


OK, so Trevorrow tweeted out an image that could very likely be a promo image, which is usually reserved for hokey staged shit with props and puppets. So maybe I'm blowing this up into something it's not. Or maybe this image is only confirming that Chris Pratt's character the raptor whisperer. This may be just one of many selfies coming down the pipe between Pratt's character and his very good friend the raptors—you know, the ultimate villains in Jurassic Park, the creatures so horrifying because they could think. But now they are someone's pets and that makes confused, sad, and angry all at once.

BUT... BUT... if this all ends with Chris Pratt being eaten by raptors, then I take back my mini rant. Because that would be great.


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