Jurassic World Has Quietly Been Releasing a Ton of Incredible Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Even though Jurassic World came out on DVD last October, the official YouTube page has continued to fill up with featurettes, behind-the-scenes footage, and what in-process footage looks like. Also? A video of Vincent D’Onofrio kissing a velociraptor.


Kudos to Peter Sciretta from Slashfilm for noticing what the of the rest of did not: the continued life of the official Jurassic World YouTube page. It looks like they’ve been uploading dozens of videos each month. Personally, I’m a big fan of the previs videos that make really tense scenes utterly hilarious:

There are also some shockingly long featurettes:

But of course, the real highlight is acclaimed actor Vincent D’Onofrio making out with a raptor puppet:

I’m also a big fan of the videos on the dinosaur sounds, but it really is dealer’s choice over there. Head on over to the page and peruse all of them they’ve got up—they’re seriously worth the time.



Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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Zach Miller

The implication here is that some of the dinosaurs WERE animatronic/puppets. I’ll have to watch this.