Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Is All About Saving the Dinosaurs... and a Big-Ass Volcano

Image: Still via Youtube
Image: Still via Youtube

This Thursday, we’ll get our first meaty look at the follow-up to Jurassic World (now with exactly 400 percent more Jeff Goldblum). But before that, we’re getting early details on just what Fallen Kingdom is about... and it apparently revolves around the people behind Jurassic World being dumb enough to build a park on top of an active volcano.


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly ahead of this week’s trailer, Bryce Dallas Howard revealed that the film opens with Isla Nublar under the threat of its volcano erupting, which would devastate the dinosaurs still on the island after that whole overrunning-the-park thing in Jurassic World. According to Howard, her character, Claire, launches a rescue mission to save the dinos before they’re lava-chow:

Claire’s founded an organization, Dinosaur Protection Group, and they’re finding a way to get these dinosaurs off the island. She reaches out to [Chris Pratt’s character] Owen Grady to let him know this is happening.

However, Howard also teased that not all is well in Claire and Owen’s relationship, despite what they went through together in the first movie:

When you see them at the beginning of this story, you get caught up as to what’s going on. But it’s not what you would necessarily expect.

So expect some dramatic heat both in the form of “relationship tensions” and “exploding active volcano.” Seriously though, which bright spark built a theme park dedicated to reviving dinosaurs on top of an active volcano? That’s almost as dumb as, well, reviving dinosaurs for a theme park and not expecting them to run wild and eat the visitors.

Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom hits theaters June 22, 2018, but we’ll learn more about it in this Thursday’s trailer.


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Volcano, huh? I’ll wait for the next one, Jurassic World: Back to Atlantis.