Jurassic World Already Cashing In On Terrible Product Placement

Illustration for article titled iJurassic World/i Already Cashing In On Terrible Product Placement

Do you want to see a sick, high res image of Jurassic World’s new dinosaur Indominous Rex? Do you like fine, German engineered cars and vile product placement? Well hold on to your fucking hat. Behold a massive look at the new bad guy in Jurassic World, and a car.


Is there any part of you that is still holding out for this movie to be OK? My emotions are all over the metaphorical map of Isla Nublar when it comes to Jurassic World. At what point did we all just collectively give up on Jurassic World? Was it the raptor gang? Anyway, here’s the new Jurassic World dinosaur.

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Eh, it’ll be big dumb fun. That’s fine. Can’t be worse than JP III.

No. Really. It can’t. It simply isn’t possible.