The trailers for Jupiter Ascending, the Wachowskis' wild-and-demented space opera collision, have looked pretty fun but also somewhat goofy. But today at Comic-Con, we saw a ton of footage, and we're pretty much sold on the humor, the incredibly creative action, and yes, the "chosen one" storyline.

Spoilers ahead...

The only panelist for Jupiter Ascending was Channing Tatum, who said the Wachowskis are "absolutely out of their minds. We really try to do something different, something you've never seen before. It's not a book or a comic, so we tried to push it."


The footage includes a lot of wild stuff — like, it starts with a scene of Mila Kunis falling out of a huge spaceship over the Chicago skyline, and then Channing catches her on his flying skates. There is also a huge spaceship dogfight over Chicago, and shit blowing up really crazy. And Channing shooting at a spaceship and flying through the explosion.

But it also has some nice character moments that make this film feel a little bit more grounded. Juipter (Kunis) can't believe this is really happening to her, that she's turned out to be one of the most important people in the universe. "Space crap," says Kunis. "Sure." Tatum explains that it can be hard for people from "underdeveloped worlds" like Earth to understand.

Jupiter thinks this must all be a dream, because that's the only way this makes sense — and Tatum says what doesn't make sense would be Earth being the only inhabited planet, in a universe with more planets than we can even count.


And Sean Bean explains that humans wrongly believe that Earth is the birthplace of humanity, but actually this planet was "seeded" by Abraxas. There are three rulers of this intergalactic civilization, and one of them controls Earth and wants Jupiter dead.

"I'm telling you, I'm nobody," says Jupiter. They wouldn't demolish an entire city for nobody, responds Tatum. In fact, Jupiter is royalty. They explain that when someone is born with exactly the same genes as a long-dead person, that means it's reincarnation — and there's a statue that looks just like Mila Kunis! Soon, she's wearing makeup and doing fancy space citadel stuff.


We see some crazy weird aliens, including flying lizard people and spindly-limbed bald aliens. And there are crop circles.

The bad guy wants to "harvest" the Earth before Mila Kunis can claim it. And someone asks what a harvest is really like. "I've heard they feel no pain, it's all quite humane," says a fancy royal lady.


Channing Tatum is being carried in mid-air by a flying lizard guy that has its tail wrapped around his neck. There are tons of spaceship fights in space and over Chicago, and a planet with rings of space debris.


Channing tells somebody, "You should have told me the truth about why you wanted her."

"That planet belongs to me," says the bad guy. "Not any more," says Jupiter, raising a gun and looking honestly pretty badass.


Then there's a love scene between Channing and Mila. "I have more in common with a dog than I do with you" genetically, says Channing. "I love dogs," says Mila. "I've always loved dogs." Then they kiss.

Sean Bean says, "Here we go," and then there's just an orgy of shooting and explosions.


So yeah, the "chosen one" motif still rankles a bit, but it seems better with more context. If you can get past the "genetically identical means reincarnation" idea and some slight campiness in the citadel scenes, then this looks like a really super fun ride. The action scenes look as new and beautiful as The Matrix did when I first watched it. So yeah, looking good.

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