The latest from the Wachowskis has had its release date pushed from July 18th of this year to February 6, 2015.

This announcement comes pretty close the the previously announced premiere date: just seven weeks before the July slot. Warner Bros.' stated reason for the delay is the need to finish the numerous special effects in the movie.


As to moving the film from a traditional blockbuster time of year to a less prestigious time, Warner's domestic distribution chief Dan Fellman said that the new opening date was the same one used for The LEGO Movie this year. Fellman further tried to allay fears that the move showed a lack of confidence in the film by stressing that both The LEGO Movie and April's Captain America: The Winter Soldier performed very well outside the usual blockbuster dates.

We'll see if that's true. Now, Jupiter Ascending will go up against the Johnnuy Depp-starring Mortdecai and the Jeff Bridges-starring (and also delayed) Seventh Son. [Variety]