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This is not a leaf

Illustration for article titled This is not a leaf

It's shaped like a leaf. It's colored like a leaf. It even sports the vein-like structures typically found in a leaf's spongy mesophyll layer. But this is no leaf.


It's a moth.

It's Uropyia meticulodina, to be exact, and it's one of the finest examples of camouflage the animal kingdom has to offer. As REALMonstrousities' Joseph Jameson-Gould puts it, "It's like one of those optical illusions that still work even when you know it's a trick."


Not since the caterpillar that's not have we felt so compelled to call on Magritte to describe an animal disguised as something else entirely.

Top photo by Bettaman via Flickr

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*jumps into pile of leaves*


*realizes he's made a terrible mistake*