Jumper Teleporting Through Commercials

Advertising has gone so meta that only teleportation can explain it. In this ad, Jumper star Hayden Christensen uses his teleporting gift to throw himself into Serena Williams' computer ad. So basically he's leaping out of a commercial for the film, which is about teleporting mutants, and into an old ad for Hewlett Packard, starring Williams. It's a new mutant kind of advertising synergy, more like cross-cannibalism than cross-promotion. Be very scared. 'Jumper' ad leaps between products [Variety]


People love crossovers, don't they? So maybe it'll work in advertising.

It's not just television, though.

Recently, I've seen print ads like this popping up all over the Bay Area, in which two products which share a target audience split a billboard, and interact in some way. For example, the top half of the sign might have a bottle of Irish Cream, tipped over and dripping booze all over a diamond tennis bracelet in the bottom half.

These would be much more amusing if they mashed up something real with something imaginary. For example:

A wedding season ad, split in two. On one side, a huge diamonds from Debeers, and the caption, "She said yes!" On the other, "She said no!" and a six-pack of Pan Galactic Gargle blasters, now available in ready-to-drink cans.

On one side, the AT&T Death Star. On the other, the Imperial Death Star.

On one side, the Deep Ones-esque little guy from the Cloverleaf trailer. On the other side, Trojan condoms. "Because you never really know where he's been."

Share your own product advertising mashup ideas?