Jumper Rips Space, Makes Blah Speeches

The new trailer for February's Jumper reveals more about the teleporting-mutants-vs-secret-society movie. We'll get to see how Hayden Christensen's character discovers his teleporting ability as a teenager, and how it's isolated him from everybody, including his cute girlfriend (Rachel Bilson). It also shows why Jumper could rise above the usual cute-young-person-with-superpowers tropes.

First of all, Jumper will be visually amazing. The "scar" that teleportation leaves behind is a brilliant effect. And the battle scenes between Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson's teleporter-hating Paladin make awesome use of both the teleportation and the Paladins' grapple-hook/taser weapon.


Secondly, the dialog in the trailer is pretty blah, despite a script by David Goyer (Batman Begins). And trailers usually include the best lines from the movies they promote, so that's a bad sign.

Finally, Jumper looks set to raise all sorts of interesting questions about privilege — and then probably walk away from them. Christensen's character starts out as a nobody, but uses his power to become wealthy and shiny, and bop all over the world leaving messes for other people to clean up. So the teleportation isn't just an escapist fantasy, it's also a metaphor for social mobility in the real world. That probably comes from Steven Gould's original novel, which I haven't read yet. But it also looks pretty likely the film won't really delve into those issues much. Here's hoping I'm wrong.