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Since 1932, UNESCO has maintained a database called the Index Translationum. It is an international bibliography of translations—that is, a list of all the books in the world that have been published in translation.


The current list tabulates the cumulative bibliographical information on books translated and published in nearly one hundred of UNESCO's member states since 1979, totaling more than 2 million separate entries. Books in every discipline are counted, from literature and science to art and history.

Jules Verne has long been near the top of UNESCO's list of most-translated authors, ranking number 4 until recently.

On the latest list issued by UNESCO, Jules Verne ranks number 2 in the number of translations published world-wide, exceeded only by Agatha Christie (Stephen King comes in ninth place and Isaac Asimov is twenty-fourth).

UNESCO lists the number of translated Verne works at an impressive 4751. In several countries, Verne is the number one author published in translation. This is true for countries as diverse as Chile, Greece and Spain, while Verne is in the top ten list of dozens of others. He is among the top two or three most-translated authors in many countries, including China.


Keep in mind this is an author whose last work was published more than a century ago.

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