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Judy Greer May Play Jamie Lee Curtis' Daughter in the New Halloween

 Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

With Jamie Lee Curtis recently confirming that she’s returning to the Halloween series to play Laurie Strode in the upcoming horror reboot, more casting news was bound to follow. And the first new tidbit couldn’t be more awesome: Judy Greer may be heading to Haddonfield to play Laurie’s daughter, Karen.


Before anyone feels the need to point out that Laurie Strode had a son, not a daughter, as played by Josh Hartnett in 1998's Halloween: H20, remember that the new Halloween movie (directed by David Gordon Green, and co-written by Green and Danny McBride) will pick up after part two, and ignore everything that came after. So in this version of the timeline, while we still know that Laurie Strode and Michael Myers are brother and sister, it’s entirely possible that Laurie emerged from her Halloween II hospital nightmare, and went on to have a life that included a daughter instead of a son. Or maybe she had a son, too? It’s still too early to speculate about anything plot-related, but with the scene-stealing Greer (Archer, Ant-Man, Arrested Development, and seriously dozens more) joining Curtis in the movie, all we care about is how excited we are to see what comes next. Here’s hoping the production shares a few more details as we ramp up to Halloween 2017; the new Halloween movie will be out in October 2018.


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I had absolutely zero interest in yet another Halloween reboot/remake/sequel but I’d gladly watch Judy Greer read insurance policy fine print and/or do dishes for two hours. Also, she’s capable of stealing scenes from foreground actors with just a facial expression (see The TV Set).