Jude Law Plays A Matt Drudge Clone In Soderbergh's Contagion

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Jude Law told us about his small, but pivotal, role in Steven Soderbergh's epic pandemic film Contagion. Law's playing a "fear-mongering blogger." One of us! One of us!


At the press conference today for his next film, Repo Men, Law revealed to us a few details about his next Soderbergh project, Contagion, which sounds a lot like, Traffic, but instead of cocaine, the plot is centered around an infectious disease.

Contagion is not until the end of the year and I'm one of a large number of people in a big ensemble. So I'm doing like 10 days on that, in San Francisco, I think.


And he explained what excited him about his role in Soderbergh's film:

Well, the subject matter is really interesting, it's very current. It's about a contagious disease spreading across the world and how it affects different elements. Be it the public, the medical services, the emergency services, politicians. I play someone online, a blogger, who is kind of a fear-monger. And I just like the part, I really like the part, and I just love Steven Soderbergh films. I think he's a great talent.

The cast is A-list-actor-heavy: Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard and Gwyneth Paltrow have all signed on. Soderbergh crafted the idea with The Informant screenwriter Scott Z. Burns, who also penned The Bourne Ultimatum. The idea was based around the theory of how one little sneeze can change the world.

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Just couldn't help yourself, could you, Meredith? Just had to get in the little anti-conservative dig.

First he goes from a Michelle Malkin clone to a Matt Drudge clone, because HuffPo and DailyKos aren't perfectly acceptable examples of "fearmongering" blogs?

Hell, what about Engadget? They made Apple's stock drop like 3% or something.