Joy to the World, Into the Spider-Verse's Christmas Album Is Real [UPDATE: And It's Here!]

Happy holidays, from your favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
Happy holidays, from your favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
Image: Sony Pictures Animation

Hark the herald angels...websling?

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is full of many hilarious gags—one of the best of which is that the experienced Peter Parker we meet in the beginning of the film is so used to the whole superhero thing that he’s got his own comic books (imagine that!), his own breakfast cereal, and yes, his own Christmas album:

Great job Sony, now make Spidey-0's cereal real too.
Great job Sony, now make Spidey-0's cereal real too.
Image: Sony Pictures Animation

Even better is that the movie follows up on this gag during the credits, in which we get to hear Chris Pine (yes, really, the voice of the Peter Parker of Earth-1610 is none other than Steve Trevor himself!) regale us with part of the album in the holiday anthem/existential crisis that is “Spidey Bells (A Hero’s Regret).” It’s incredible to witness, and now, just in time for Christmas, you can hear it all over again, because Sony is making A Very Spidey Christmas a real thing that you can stream.

The full mini album—which, according to Film Music Reporter, includes holiday tracks from Pine, Shameik Moore, and Jake Johnson reprising their roles from the film—will be available to download starting tomorrow, December 21. For now, you can hear two of the tracks, Pine’s rendition of “Spidey Bells” and Johnson’s old man Peter Parker take on “Deck the Halls,” courtesy of Sony Pictures Animation’s YouTube:

Glory to the newborn Spider-King.

UPDATE: 12/12 10.30AM EST: Happy Spider-Holidays, folks! Sony Pictures Music is now streaming the entirety of A Very Spidey Christmas on YouTube and Spotify. Get yourself in the holiday mood with Shameik Moore, as Miles Morales, wishing Joy to the World (and money into his GoFundMe for more web fluid) below:

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