Probably the best werewolf movie ever made, Dog Soldiers is the tale of a Scottish band of soldiers on a practice mission - until they discover that they're being viciously hunted by something that seems like it couldn't possibly be real. Starring Kevin "Journeyman" McKidd and Sean Pertwee, this 2002 wolves vs. soldiers flick was directed by the kickass Neil Marshall, the maniac behind The Descent and Doomsday.

In this scene, the soldiers have fled to a little family farmhouse, whose owners are mysteriously missing. When they attempt to escape back to town in the family's truck, they get their first look at the creatures who've been stalking them in the woods. And it's not pretty - not at all. Though of course McKidd is looking pretty. And you'll be feeling pretty excellent after you check out this insane funny-scary movie. Even the twist ending is fantastic, and I normally hate twist endings. [Dog Soldiers via IMDB]


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