Journeyman Creator Returns To SFTV With Powers

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Everyone still missing NBC's Journeyman (and that includes some of us here) have new reason to be cheerful; creator Kevin Falls is apparently hard at work on a new science fiction project: The television adaptation of comic book Powers.


Falls' involvement in the project - originally announced almost a year ago - was revealed by FX President John Landgraf earlier this week; he's apparently working with creator Brian Michael Bendis on the script for the show, which adapts Bendis and artist Mike Oeming's police procedural superhero drama from Marvel Comics. Landgraf said that Falls,

got really excited about the project. [He] and Brian have got a good take on it. They came in about two months ago and pitched what they were doing, and it was great.


No premiere date has been announced for Powers' television incarnation; the comic series was relaunched last November, and is currently available.

Bendis's collaborator for FX's "Powers" pilot revealed [Premium Hollywood]

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Dunno, I liked the first few issues I read then it seemed to go quite downhill. Good artwork, but storytelling just seemed to loss interest.

While we are listing comics-Id-like-as-tv-shows though;

Ex Machina

She Hulk (Dan Slott's run)

Irredeemable (maybe better as a movie)

Buffy Season 8 :P