Journey Back To The Center Of The Earth

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Brendan Fraser has himself another fantasy movie franchise. New Line, one of the studios behind last year's Journey To The Center Of The Earth, have announced plans for a sequel, with even more 3D monsters.


The new movie still lacks an official title. But it's a reworking of a spec script called Mysterious Travels that suggests that Treasure Island, Gulliver's Travels and Jules Verne's Mysterious Island all took place on the same island. It'll be funded entirely by New Line, although Walden Media (which co-financed Journey) will remain as co-producers. Also returning is director Eric Brevig; the involvement of Fraser and other actors from the original has not been confirmed as yet.

Another 3-D 'Journey' for New Line [Hollywood Reporter]


The movie wasn't master art but was enjoyable, I watched in 3d in the movie And the 3d effects are the best part! I would watch a sequel, is not something that I would buy in dvd to have in my collection, (only if I could have that real 3d tech in my home) but is a good way to pass time.