Journalists at local FOX station in Denver say they've seen this UFO and it's real

Apparently there is a an ultra-tiny, ultra-fast UFO zooming over Denver. Even the journalists at FOX agree that "it's not a bird." What could it be? I'm guessing it's either one of those souped-up cyber-guinea pigs with rocket thrusters — or somebody's home UAV project.


Whatever it is, there's nothing more fun than watching these news anchors scratching their heads over this crazy footage. Also, the guy who first sighted the UFO explains the video in silhouette, while naked. No, I am not kidding. WTF?

Read more via FOX31

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I'm guessing that the reporter is wrong about it not being a bug. It appears to be larger and faster than it really is because of the forced perspective—the bug is much closer to the camera lens than anything in the background.

It's hard to tell for sure, but I'd swear there are some frames where you can actually see it's wings.

No idea why they conclude it isn't a bug. If they have something to back that claim up, I'd be happy to hear it.