Joss Whedon's Batman Movie That Never Was

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Click to viewThe center off all things cult worship, Joss Whedon, opened up to MTV Splash about his Batman pitch to Warner Brothers, pre-Christopher Nolan. "It wasn't what they did but the vibe was very similar," Whedon explained. "Mine was a bit less epic. It was more about the progression of him and it was more in Gotham City. He didn't go to Tibet and meet cool people, but it was very similar in vibe." Wait, is this script still out there? Can we make more Batman movies please, with Whedon at the helm? Click through for more details on Whedon's Bat-story, plus All-Star Superman writer Grant Morrison's own Hollywood pitch for a Superman movie that ignores Superman Returns.


Whedon claims that his bat pitch was in the same vein as Nolan's, but I still think Whedon deserves his own caped crusader movie. Whedon's bat-story went a little something like this:

"In my version, there was actually a new [villain], it wasn't one of the classics - which is probably why they didn't use it," he explained. "It was more of a 'Hannibal Lector' type - he was somebody already in Arkham Asylum that Bruce went and sort of studied with. It was a whole thing - I get very emotional about it, I still love the story. Maybe I'll get to do it as a comic one day."


Always the gentleman, Whedon praises Nolan's dark work as worlds above the current directors that cannot seem on encompass what making comic book movies is really all about.

"I thought Christopher Nolan's done an amazing job of bringing out the comic book, and I see a lot of movies [coughs "HULK"] - sorry, I had a Hulk stuck in my throat - that don't really have the aesthetic or the pathos or really get why the comic book works."

In over "what could have been news" both comic book big wigs Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, and Brad Meltzer discussed what they would do to make a Superman movie actually heartfelt as well as entertaining. Both Morrison and Johns have pitched Superman reboot films to Warner Bros., and Morrison talked about what his film would do.

First, forget Superman Returns ever existed, and stop trying to make him such a martyr who gets kicked around all the time. But that doesn't mean Morrison would have a totally invulnerable Supes. Instead, his movie pitch to Warner Bros. involved a compressed version of his All-Star Superman arc, about Superman confronting his own mortality.


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A Superman movie loosely based on All-Star? Sign me up. Why do the Superman movies insist on making Lex so damn weak, always focusing on stupid land deals?

I love Luthor in the comic realm...incredibly rich and powerful, he sees Superman as a real threat to humanity...and the beauty of it is he could very well be right. After all, Superman is only as noble as he chooses to be; if he chose to kill everyone and seize power, he would be hard to stop.

Whedon and Batman? I'd like to see him do Wonder Woman personally, just to see that character get a major update. Batman seems to be doing just fine.