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Captain America will get to show what he's made of in Joss Whedon's Avengers, judging from a new set report. It sounds like the sort of cool scene we were hoping for when Whedon was announced as the film's writer/director.


Spoilers below...

Blogger Chris Kleefeld was an extra in some scenes set in Germany, featuring "Loki kicking some plebian tail," with Tom Hiddleston in rare form. At one point, Loki tries to fry an old guy in a beer garden. And then there's a long sequence in which all of the extras are kneeling before Loki. Kleefeld writes:

We spent most the rest of the night kneeling before Zod... er... Loki. More than kneeling on bricks to make everyone's joints sore. Despite the kneepads they passed out. But it ended with Evans as Cap giving a nice speech ("The last time I was in Germany...") and taking on Loki single-handedly. All of us got to run out in chaos just as the rain forced things to a slightly early halt.


I love the idea of Captain America bringing up his World War II experience by way of explaining why we don't kneel to the likes of Loki, and then delivering the epic smackdown. [Kleefeld on Comics, via Comic Book Resources]

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