Now that it's official that Joss Whedon's in final negotiations to direct The Avengers, the cherry on top of Marvel's superhero sundae, a new rumor has emerged. Not only will he rewrite The Avengers' screenplay, but also Captain America's.

Obviously this is good news - anyone who's followed Whedon's career will know he started as a screenwriter for projects like Toy Story and Speed. More importantly, he gets the mechanics of superhero narratives, including the reasons why they wear the crazy costumes - just look at Astonishing X-Men #1 for a cogent explanation of that - and the importance of the "fuck yeah" moment. Let's put it this way: with Whedon doing a rewrite, Captain America is less likely to include the subplot where the newly supersoldiered Steve Rogers goes and becomes a U.S.O. song-and-dance performer instead of being sent to fight the Red Skull right away.



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