Joss Whedon Says the Strike Isn't About Money

Joss Whedon appeared on the Hollywood picket lines in a rather rakish Australian Akubra hat to show his support for the strike, and broke down what it's all about.

While he says residuals aren't really about the money, the translation is: yes, it's all about the money. He uses the analogy of a baker getting paid for the first loaf of bread he bakes, but not for every loaf of bread he makes after that, which doesn't make sense logically. Now, if that original loaf of bread was given to the person who ordered it, who then invented a bread cloning machine that could churn out copies of that loaf with no further income due to the baker then yes, we would see his point. Speaking of which, his point seems to be: that baker ain't getting paid.


Anyhow, if you've been scratching your head over what the writers are really wanting out of this strike, Jossadile Dundee does a good job and presenting it in a clear and calm manner that trumps anything you'll see on your local news station. Now settle this thing already so we can watch someDollhouse.

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