Joss Whedon promises he is putting the Avengers in real danger. Plus the first reactions to Dark Shadows!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

That Y the Last Man movie might not be dead after all. A new Avengers rumor points to an unexpected choice for the identity of Loki's army. Plus new Riddick set photos shows off Vin Diesel's latest adversaries.

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Dark Shadows.

The Avengers

Director Joss Whedon says that while Steve Rogers is still a bit of an audience identification figure, that changed somewhat in the editing process:

"That was the plan anyway. In the final cut that's probably not true. There was stuff with Cap I cut out. Although he has an 'in' with the audience in that this world is stranger to him, so he's an identification figure."


He also says that he wants to give this movie the sense that these characters really could die like those in any other Joss Whedon movie, even if it's pretty obvious that Marvel isn't going to let Joss Whedon kill off, say, Iron Man:

"I find superhero movies to be a little too neat. And when you have Earth's mightiest heroes — like Thor, you know Thor! — you have to put them in a situation that makes you feel like they're not all going to make it. The climax of this movie isn't one where you go, 'Oh yes, there's the Avengers, good for them, bye!'" When it all hits, it hits hard."

Finally, he talks some more out of what he would like to do with an Avengers sequel, and he suggests this film hints at the conflict of the sequel:

"We DO give a nod to a greater problem than the one solved in this film. I'm a great believer in the idea that if you make the first one to be a 'first one,' then you have already failed. As much as we want to service the idea of a film in a franchise, I want this to be a satisfying film experience. I don't want people to go out saying, "When's the next part?" I want people to say, "Oh, I want to see that again!"


[Comic Book Movie]

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Here's a banner collecting all the recently released character posters into one giant poster. [First Showing]

This rumor is just based on a single IMDB credit, so I'd advise taking this with a preemptive and highly skeptical grain of salt. Anyway, the movie's cast list mentions Darren Kendrick as playing "Frost Giant Sentry", a part he first played in Thor. Assuming that's true, it might mean that Loki's army is actually made up of Frost Giants — which would make some sense, considering that's his secret origin and all, and it would neatly sidestep the problem of introducing a backstory-heavy alien like the recently debunked Skrull and Kree rumors. Of course, that assumes Kendrick is actually in the movie — and even assuming he is, it's still completely possible that he's just playing some other bit part that has nothing to do with the Frost Giants. Still, as Loki's army candidates go, I'll admit — the Frost Giants aren't a totally terrible guess. [The Movie Blog]


The Hunger Games

Donald Sutherland talks some more about his character, the ruthless President Coriolanus Snow:

As scary and terrible a person as President Snow is...
Okay, I don't find him scary or terrible.

Well, I was going to say that there is some sympathy there because we don't know this world and we know that something very bad has happened in the past. You can almost see fear in him.
I don't think you see fear in him. I think you see challenge. At my age the only thing you're really afraid of is Depends [laughs]. I think he sees challenge and I think he sees it in this Katniss Everdeen. I think he sees in her the challenge that he's been waiting for. You know, sitting there, somebody someday is going to come up sometime. And this particular one, given how it's all gone, you can't just kill her. You have to find some other way of controlling her, containing her.


[Coming Soon]


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Vin Diesel has posted another set photo that, in a break from what we've seen before, does not prominently feature Vin Diesel. Instead, these are some of the extremely deadly mercenaries sent to hunt Riddick down. [Vin Diesel's Facebook]

Y the Last Man

The latest attempt to adapt Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra's acclaimed comic book series to the big screen will reportedly start with a page one rewrite. Doing the honors will be Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, whose writing credits include such genre fare as Warehouse 13, Jericho, and Human Target. There's no word yet on whether this will also be planned as a trilogy — previously thought to be the minimum length required to do an adaptation justice — or a more condensed single film. [Heat Vision]


Dark Shadows

An early review of the film has been posted after a recent test screening in Los Angeles. Here's a sense of what to expect, at least according to this one reviewer:

"I don't know if this version is anywhere close to what the source material was like, but I can honestly say that I really enjoyed it and that it does have some great laughs in it. "As long as the marketing stays true to the comedic nature of the movie and doesn't try to sell it as purely a horror film, I can't see this failing to be a hit."


Its commercial prospects aside — if not for Johnny Depp, I'd say this thing has bomb written all over it, if only due to the non-existent marketing campaign — here are some rather more concrete snippets on what actually happens in the film:

There are the usual 'fish out of water' moments as Barnabus tries to wrap his head around the modern world of the 1970's. At one point he mistakenly believes his 15-year old niece is a prostitute because of her skimpy outfits and later attacks a television set showing a performance by The Carpenters (most things he can't understand he interprets as Satan). Depp makes those moments work wonderfully because he plays Barnabas with such earnestness that you can't help but like the guy, even when he's kind of an asshole (he does kill several people).


You can read the full review right here. [Ain't It Cool News via MTV Movies Blog ShockTillYouDrop]

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Here's a new banner image. [Coming Soon]

Wrath of the Titans

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Here's a poster showing off Carlos star Édgar Ramírez as Ares in the Clash of the Titans sequel. [Coming Soon]

300: The Battle of Artemisia

Rodrigo Santoro, who played Xerxes in 300, confirms he is in talks to reprise the role in Noam Murro's follow-up, which recently reportedly cast Casino Royale star Eva Green in a major role. Santoro also discussed this film's relationship to the original 300:

"It's not a sequel, but does not come before. It's a film that takes place at about the same time of the battle that goes on in the first film."


[Comic Book Movie]

Sin City 2

I'll believe it when I see it — and even then I'm not entirely sure I'll actually believe it — but director Robert Rodriguez says that he really is going to shoot the long-simmering Sin City sequel this summer, right after he finishes Machete 2. [Risky Business]


Green Hornet 2

In news that should really surprise nobody, this sequel is pretty much officially dead. Producer Neil Moritz offers this explanation:

The movie did almost $250 million and was actually very well liked, but we made the movie for too much money. One, we made it in L.A. for certain reasons, and two, we decided to go to 3D — that added another $10 million. If I had done it in a tax-rebate state and not done 3D, it would have been considered a huge financial success for the studio. So we're not making a sequel right now.


[Hollywood Reporter]


Here's an interview with the whole cast in which they discuss which object they would take away from the set.

Game of Thrones

Executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss discuss what to expect from season two, and why they asked for a 15 percent budget increase to shoot the Battle of the Blackwater:

Benioff: "This is season is about a country at war. And we felt like if we didn't see the most important battle of this entire war onscreen, we're going to shortchange viewers."
Weiss:"To my knowledge, a story of this scale has never been told within filmed entertainment. There's so many characters and locations and storylines, so many things that are atypical in television - and for good reason. You could do this show relatively easily with twice the money that we have, then after a couple great seasons it'd collapse under its own weight and cease to exist."


You can also check out some EW covers featuring various cast members at the link. [EW]

In a wonderfully random grab bag of new images, we've got a poster that definitively spoils the big twist of season one, a cast photo that is surprisingly heavy on the air guitar, and a first look at Tom Wlaschiha as Jaqen H'ghar. [EW, EW, and SpoilerTV]



Here are two sneak peeks from tonight's third episode, "Guilty."

Star Jason Isaacs discusses how tonight's episode, in which his character Michael Britten's son is kidnapped and the information to save him may exist in the other universe, plays with the idea that he can force himself to go to sleep and switch worlds:

That was my idea - "Please let me take a fistful of pills" - and Howard Gordon went, "Great idea." And there it was on the page next day. There are not that many stories in the world, so it's always about execution, and taste, and tone. And you very smartly put your finger on one of the hats that's in the ring – how many interesting and different ways can we think of to make him pass out and go to sleep? There's a bunch of people in that writers building that you'd like to be on a desert island with, because they continue to get more and more creative as the series goes on. They spread their wings until they're just flying.

So for example, if someone takes a swing at Britten and knocks him out cold...
That'll do it. Any drop in consciousness. There's an episode coming up where we play with every permutation of what you can do with this guy. You know that old showbiz maxim, "Nobody buys a ticket to watch the village of the happy people"? We send this guy to hell and back, and one way we play with him is to make him unconscious as often as possible, and we do it in every way you can dream of. Knocked out, getting medicated, being drugged against his will...


He also previews next week's episode, in which he meets his son's old babysitter:

That's a fabulous episode. She made some different choices that took her down different paths [in each reality], and it's a very sobering thing to come up against somebody and be reminded that your choices can have those consequences. I haven't seen her for years, and she's spiraled off in one world, while in the other she's a high-powered businesswoman. It's all very freaky for [Michael]; he can't quite stop staring at her to see the differences.


There's still more at the link. [TV Line]


Three new actors have reportedly joined J.J. Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke's NBC pilot about a world in which all energy mysteriously vanishes. Rescue Me and Ringer actress Andrea Roth has been cast as Rachel, the mother of the show's two main characters. Breaking Dawn's J.D. Pardo will play Nate, an expert archer, while Zak Orth will play Aaron, described as "a brilliant scientist left in in a world where physics no longer follows the same rules." [Deadline and Digital Spy]


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Here's a sneak peek at the rematch between Obi-Wan Kenobi and a very not dead Darth Maul in this Friday's episode.

Primeval: New World

Here are some set photos for the ITV show's North American spin-off. [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Ben Vrignon and Charlie Jane Anders.


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I see Connor in the pictures of the American Primeval. Thats great but I dont see Abby. The USA version is dependant on Connor and Abby they have been the anchor of the series. Does anyone know is Abby is in the new primeval ?? I looked for Primeval USA IMDB but i didnt find it.