Joss Whedon Making A Feature Film With Eliza Dushku?

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Dollhouse's Eliza Dushku might be going back to Joss Whedon's laboratory of evil soon — she told an interviewer the duo aim to make a movie together. And she also still hopes to be in Ghostbusters 3.


Talking to, Dushku says that she's definitely up for being one of the five new Ghostbusters who are rumored to pick up the torch from Venkman and company in the new movie. And she says her pal Dan Aykroyd wants her in the film. But she adds: "I don't know anything, I don't have a script – it's still a rumor thing right now."

Meanwhile, though, she sounds more sanguine about this mystery film project with her Dollhouse collaborator, Whedon:

"I would say that we would [be working on something new very soon]!" she confided to us. "I think we're going to work on a kickass feature together that we've been thinking about for a few years."


Note, of course, that the part where she says they'll be working on something together soon is in square brackets, meaning it's a paraphrase. (Maybe the interviewer asked "Will you work with Joss Whedon again soon?" And she replied with the part not in brackets. That's my guess, anyway.)

So what's this mystery project? Over on Whedonesque, they're speculating it could be Goners, the horror-action film that Whedon has been talking up for years, but about which we've heard nothing in recent years. Here's hoping we get more Joss and Eliza, one way or another. [HollywoodLife]

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for all the people complaining about the Dushku/Whedon vibe, if you look at his stable of actresses and actors she is still the only one who is marketable from a studio perspective. Despite the fact that she has never had a blockbuster, her name has cache for the projects she has been in. Despite the ratings Dollhouse PR was everywhere and Eliza's name was attached to it. It was her development deal with Fox that got the project off the ground to begin with. She was the smart one who brought in Joss Whedon.

She is also the only name in his stable that has been in enough films that a studio would consider putting her in one again. Everyone else (Fillion and Tudyk included unfortunately) are still seen as TV actors.