Joshua Jackson To Fight UFOs in the 1970s

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Fringe star Joshua Jackson is taking his ongoing fight against extra-terrestrial freaky fringe science to the movie screen. He's signed on to headline the big screen version of 1970s British series UFO.


Jackson, who despite his Fringe smirks and long dramatic pauses will always be Pacey from Dawson's Creek to me, will play Paul Foster, a pilot who joins SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization) to combat an alien plan to harvest human body parts in the new feature version of Gerry Anderson's awesome series. The movie will be the directing debut of Iron Man's visual effects supervisor, Matthew Gratzner, and hopefully launch a new craze for purple hair, which was always one of the best things about the show.

Joshua Jackson's captain of 'UFO' [Variety]

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Where is the SPACE 1999 movie, damnit?!?

I'm not horrified about this one despite the fact I loved the original, but it was dated.

Who is going to be cast as Commander Straker? I can see George Clooney (except he's probably out of their price range and they'd probably want to spend it all on SFX.) Jon Hamm?

But then again, I was actually kind of excited for the Thunderbirds movie till I found out that a marionette exhibited more emotional range than Bill Paxton did in that stinker.