Perhaps we've been projecting our love for Joshua Jackson onto the characters Olivia and Peter from Fringe a bit too much. At a NYCC roundtable, Joshua Jackson set us straight about love and X-Files.

Jackson sat down and tried to make us really hate Peter Bishop, pontificating about how Peter's a bad guy and has his fingers in the dirty deeds pot. Sorry buddy, we like em' rough. But then, as if our Dawson's Creek-meets-Fringe love couldn't run deeper, Jackson started talking X-Files.


Jackson also revealed why he doesn't believe Olivia and Peter have any sort of romantic connection.

Would Peter really sleep with Olivia's sister and leave Olivia in the dust?

It's quite possible. Peter is a shallow, venal, hedonistic, nihilistic man. So... if Olivia's sister would sleep with him, I think he would absolutely jump at the chance.

But doesn't he have an emotional investment in Olivia?

The emotional involvement for Olivia on her side is with John Scott. Peter is a functionary in her life. It's not an emotional relationship that they have. She needs him to solve the riddle that is Walter. And then she needs Walter to be the crazy genius that he is. So when you say, is there a romantic relationship between the two of them, I don't think there is a romantic relationship between the two of them.


So who's going to love poor Olivia? What about that nice Agent Charlie Francis fellow? The press asked Kirk Acevedo about the chances of these two crazy kids hooking up, and he seemed a bit dubious about the subject.

When is Charlie going to step up his game and go for Olivia?

Kirk Acevedo: It's difficult because we're pretty much doing the episode now [episode 16] that pretty much answers that question the reason why. It's funny because that's one of the little secrets. Obviously in the first episode she's a junior agent who gets the liaison gig, which is a very big step up. I have to play it like she's a colleague and I care for her, but how much I care for her... I can't, it has to be so subtle, because I'm an FBI guy. It takes away from - it's so funny because I can't talk about it, because we're doing it right now. But it's hard because a lot of this stuff is an exposition. When you're a character actor, which is what I am, to play someone that's the polar opposite of you, it's trying to finds a way that you're happy and the character is happy, especially for yourself. Because you can't color it up and that's what you want to do. You want to add all the bells and whistles but you can't. So you keep it simmering.


God, will someone please give Olivia some lovin' so she'll stop shooting everyone?

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