Josh Holloway Betrays Humanity to Save His Son In The Colony Trailer

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As you’d expect from Carlton Cuse, who created Colony with Ryan Condal, there are more questions than answers in the trailer for the new USA show. We’ve got a giant cordon surrounding Los Angeles, a former FBI agent (Holloway) and his wife (Sarah Wayne Callies) separated from their son, and a creepy suited man with a dangerous offer.


The show doesn’t tell us what the occupying force is, only that some people collaborate and get perks and those who fight back die. But we’re guessing aliens of some sort. Aliens who apparently think of Los Angeles as a high value target.

[via Flickering Myth]

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After sitting through the panel and watching the creators repeatedly shuffle around the suggestion of “aliens” or “maybe something else...” My prediction is that it’s an Artificial Intelligence attempting to protect humans from themselves. I think the aliens idea is a red-herring meant to distract the audience so that everyone will be Shocked and Surprised by the twist.

At the panel, someone asked if they had a plan for where this show was going, alluding to issues with Lost, and the show runners basically replied with (I’m paraphrasing here): “Yeah, sort of. I mean, we’ve had longer to develop this show than Lost, so, uh, yeah. I mean, you’ll get a significant clue as to who is oppressing everyone by the end of the season.”

So, ladies and gentlemen, take it as you will. I myself am not certain I want to watch another Big Mystery show where the best we can hope for after an entire season is a “significant clue.”