Jonathan Strahan's acclaimed Eclipse anthology series becomes a free webzine!

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One of the great bright spots in the world of short genre fiction has been Jonathan Strahan's Eclipse anthology series — Eclipse Three, in particular, was one of the best anthologies of the past decade. Following in the footsteps of Dangerous Visions and Starlight, Eclipse gathered cutting-edge stories from some of the best authors out there, and both the books and the stories in them frequently garnered awards and nominations.


So it's great news that Eclipse is becoming a free webzine, Eclipse Online — which is going to start publishing new original fiction twice a month. As Strahan explains on his blog:

Eclipse was successful. We published four volumes of the series, all to great critical acclaim, and some to a little controversy. I'm incredibly proud of each and every story we published, but when the time came to assemble Eclipse Five it became clear times had changed, and we needed to change with them.

After some discussion we decided we needed to relaunch Eclipse as an online magazine, Eclipse Online, which would feature two original stories every month and which would continue the work we'd done with the books. It's taken some time, and we're doing this on a tightrope over a yawning chasm, but at last Eclipse Online is ready to see the light of day. Next week the first story will launch, Christopher Rowe's "The Contrary Gardner", and it will be followed two weeks later by K.J. Parker's "One Little Room an Everywhere". Both are accompanied by wonderful illustrations by Kathleen Jennings.

We've read the two stories premiering in November — a great pyromania story by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and possibly the weirdest Sherlock Holmes story you've ever read, by Eleanor Arnason — and they're both terrific. This bodes well.


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