Jonathan Nolan On Dark Knight Snubs And Oscars' Crappy Cash Bar

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Talk about adding insult to injury. Not only will The Dark Knight crew have to grin and bear it through the snubs on Oscar night, but they'll have to pay for their own drinks.


Two days later, and I'm still upset that The Dark Knight was inexcusably excluded from the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards as well as Nolan for Best Director. But I'm not alone in my lament; Dark Campaign has been rooting for TDK's success for some time now. Jonathan Nolan (TDK screenwriter) sent an email to the faithful fans explaining his dismay and thanks for the ongoing support:

hey — not sure who to address this to as it looks like a collective effort, but I just wanted to pass along my thanks.

It’s truly humbling that you guys would take the time and effort to try to get the film recognized. I, like you, was disappointed that Chris didn’t get some recognition this morning, but for Heath and so many of the people who worked so hard on this thing to get nominated is thrilling.

Any nominations for a comic book movie is a thing of beauty no matter how you slice it, and that takes the sting out a bit. Besides, I’ve been to the big show before, and, like any of these things, it’s a little disappointing. Did you know it’s not even an open bar once the show starts? At least this time I would have remembered to bring a little cash so I could buy myself a drink after losing.

The best part of this experience is seeing other people getting passionate about the film the way that we did. It has been a truly incredible experience. So thank you again.


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Also check out this amazing fantastic, yet super sad, video Dark Campaign made.


This is a save-up nod for the third movie.

Much like Peter Jackson for LoTR. I thought The Two Towers was the best one, but Return got the win. It's like he won for a culmination of success.

I wouldn't not be surprised that if the third movie was as successful that it won or was nominated.

Of course, this is the internet and it feeds off conjecture.