Jonas Cuarón, Co-Writer of Gravity, Is Set to Direct a Chupacrabra Movie for Netflix

Jonas Cuarón in 2016.
Jonas Cuarón in 2016.
Photo: Mike Windle (Getty Images)

You’d better protect your livestock, because the chupacabra is coming.

As reported by Deadline, Jonas Cuarón, son of Alfonso and his co-writer on the hit film Gravity, has been tapped by Netflix to write and direct a new movie about the fabled chupacabra. In case you’re not familiar with the urban legend, a fairly popular one in the Americas, the chupacabra is a monster that feeds on livestock, particular goats, draining their blood, with purported sightings ranging all across both American continents and even elsewhere.


In this film, which is set to be produced by Chris Columbus’s 26th Street Pictures, a teenager makes an unlikely friend of a young chupacabra, who he then has to save in what Deadline calls “the adventure of a lifetime.” Which sounds like a sweet, slight del Toro-esque take on a creature usually played for horror.

Cuarón, after getting his big break on Gravity, went on to direct the thriller Desert starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Gael Garcia Bernal. This Netflix project could be the biggest directorial opportunity he’s had thus far. Chris Columbus, Michael Barnathan, and Mark Radcliffe, all from 26th Street Pictures, will serve as producers, with Brendan Bellomo serving as executive producer.

Cuarónhas is writing his own version of the script at present, off an original draft written by Marcus Rinehart, Sean Kennedy Moore, and Joe Barnathan. The film has no release date as of yet.

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