Jon Snow's Head May Have Confirmed A Terrible Game Of Thrones Spoiler

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Um, I can’t even report this news without it being a spoiler for those who know certain things about the Game of Thrones TV show, the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, or even just one pertinent behind-the-scenes fact. Do not read unless you want news that could destroy one of GoT’s most popular fan theories.


I’m sorry to be so dramatic about this, but this honestly could be huge.


You may know that Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, literally has a clause in his HBO contract that he can’t cut his long locks until he’s finished with Game of Thrones. Well, here’s Harrington attending the premiere of his movie Testament of Youth in London yesterday:

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That’s a goddamned haircut. See?

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In fact, this may be the most devastating haircut in the world. Because it would seem to mean that season 5 is Jon Snow’s last season on the show. Maybe — maybe — the producers don’t need Harrington just for season 6, or maybe just the first chunk of it. Maybe this haircut was carefully negotiated, with the intention that his hair would be back to traditional Jon Snow length by time he needs to come back for filming.

Or maybe Jon Snow is just dead. I expect no one at Game of Thrones will confirm or deny anything about this, so basically we’re going to have to wonder until season five ends before we know anything. But...



If you’ve read the most recent book in A Song of Ice and Fire, A Dance with Dragons, you know that Jon Snow does appear to die at the end. He gets stabbed a lot, and while it’s possible he lives through it, most fans think he’s dead, but will warg into his Direwolf Ghost, and eventually be brought back to life by Melisandre, who is currently hanging out at The Wall, much like Thoros of Myr kept resurrecting Beric Dondarrion.


But what if Jon Snow is dead?

Look, dying wouldn’t make Jon Snow’s hair shorter, so seemingly the only solution here is that Kit Harrington is done with Game of Thrones — but whether this is permanent or just for a while in unknown. It’s extremely possible that Jon will “die” in the same way at the end of season five, and, as above, that could easily mean he won’t be needed for filming until midway through season six, or maybe not even until season seven. Plenty of time to grow his hair back out.


But what if Jon Snow is just fucking dead?

As obvious at it seemed to every fan that Jon would be sticking around in some form... would this be beyond George R.R. Martin? OF COURSE NOT.


Obviously, we need volunteers to go stare at Kit Harrington’s head for the next six or so months.

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Rob Bricken

Okay, all you people who don't think the haircut matters:

1) HBO told Harrington he can't cut his hair

2) Harrington does not change his haircut for five years

3) Suddenly, Harrington gets a haircut just after he might have filmed a pivotal GoT scene

What changed? Why would HBO suddenly let him up on the hair issue now as opposed to earlier?