​Jon Snow Knows Nothing, Especially About Pompeii

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For the record: Despite the Pompeii movie's tagline, there was plenty of warning, and there was also plenty of time to escape if you took the 48 hours of ash spewing from Vesuvius as, say, a warning of some kind. But yeah, other than that, no warning, no escape."



Jon Snow and his abs fight a volcano. Spoiler: The volcano wins.

Vampire Academy

A 17-year-old vampire princess and her guardian are shipped to vampire boarding school in this adaptation of the YA novels. I was going to call them "biting," but even I have a bit too much dignity for that.

Nosferatu the Vampire


Werner Herzog's remake of the 1920s classic comes to Blu-ray. All the kids in Vampire Academy would make fun of Count Orloff for being so weird-looking. And then he's kill them all. I'd like to see that movie.

Michief Night


A slasher who breaks into a house on the night before Halloween discovers a horrific surprise of his own.

Zombie Games: The Knackery


Running Man but with zombies. You get the idea.

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At least with Titanic there was some mystery as to if who among the cast would survive and how the various events of the sinking would affect them.

But Pompeii? How worthless. We all know how it's going to end to the point they just flat out show you the final shot on the poster. So what's the point of the movie? Literally NOTHING that happens matters because all of the characters story-arcs (regardless of where they came from or thought they may be going) all end with "And then volcano..."