It's been half a dozen years since the first Silent Hill movie — and now it's coming back for this Halloween, with the Fog and the creepy nurses and everything. We saw two fantastically creepy, scary clips in Hall H.

And we learned a few things to excite us about Silent Hill: Revelation 3-D: It's a Game of Thrones reunion, featuring Kit Harrington and Sean Bean (returning from the first one.) It was shot in 3-D instead of being post-converted. And it features almost entirely practical monsters, instead of CG ones.


Spoilers ahead...

The first clip we saw involved a weird mannequin spider creature, with a half doen mannequin heads attached to limbs. Or maybe stalks. Heather (Adelaide Clemens) comes and finds a woman trapped in a gooey spider web. She cuts the woman free, and the woman says she got lost in the Fog. And then the spider comes, with its weird staring mannequin faces. And there's a mannequin on a table, and the spider crawls on top of it, and pulls the head off the mannequin and pulls it up and attaches it to another stalk — and then the freshly removed mannequin head opens its eyes in shock. The spider chases after Heather and the other woman, through a warehouse-like maze.

The second clip showed Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones!) strapped to a medical table — surrounded by creepy nurses with cloth carecrow-like faces. And whenever Harrington struggles against his bonds, the nurses move, with huge knives in their hands, making slashing motions. Heather comes and finds him, and he begs her to help him. She asks where her father (Sean Bean from Game of Thrones!) is. Harrington replies that Heather's father is in the Sanctuary — and he can help her find him. So Heather reluctantly helps release Harrington from his straps, as the creepy nurses slash more and more. Finally all but one straps is undone, and the table gets flipped over on its side. We zoom in on Harrington on the floor, struggling against his final wrist cuff — and it's stuck. Heather runs to get a knife, and there are tons of knives on the floor in the midst of all the scary nurses. They slash at Heather as she grabs the knife and then cuts Harrington free. Then they get away from the nurses, which fall still again.

Director Michael J. Bassett says that this movie is a sequel to the first Silent Hill, but also an adaptation of the third Silent Hill game — and he was trying to make a good movie and tell a good story, first and foremost. So he was striking a balance between living up to the game and "distill the idea of Silent Hill" to make it "a pure Silent Hill movie" with all the aesthetics, the characters and the monsters you expect. "We have to scare the shit out of you on Halloween, which is really its principal job," says Bassett.


"The first Silent Hill movie is a really fantastically artistically accomplished film," says Bassett. "It's really hard to live up to that." He says he aimed to create a relatable character and a real story, to make this an even more immersive experience.

And they shot this movie in 3-D — there's no 3-D post conversion at all. "If ever a film gave yourself an excuse to immerse yourself into a world, it's Silent Hill." He says that he experimented with playing with the depth of focus, adding more or less 3-D in scenes depending on how much he wanted to pull the audience in.


Oh, and Bassett says the mannequin spider was the only creature he couldn't render completely using practical effects — everything else is puppets or actors in suits, so they canb e right there on the set with the actors. This is a film full of psychological horror, promises Barrett — and it's imbued with an insane amount of graphic horror as well as erotic horror. The two clips they showed were the only ones that were PG-13-rated, he adds. The rest of the film is a hard R.

A fan asked if Sean Bean will die in this movie — given his habit of dying in everything. "Yes and no," says Bassett. "You're going to have to see the movie to understand why that is a completely true answer. But will there be something to add to that fantastic clip" of all of Sean Bean's deaths online? "Very possibly."


Also, we saw a brief promo for the Silent Hill attraction for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios and Universal Studios in Orlando. The folks from Konami told us they were really excited that the Universal Studios attraction stays really close to the video game and captures all of the environments and characters from the game.