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Jon Snow is a half-naked sex volcano in the first Pompeii pic

Illustration for article titled Jon Snow is a half-naked sex volcano in the first emPompeii/em pic

Jon Snow apparently knows one thing, and that's ab crunches. That's the only way to explain Kit Harrington's super-ripped, half-dressed body as seen in this first picture from the historical epic Pompeii. Hell, he looks like he's in danger of burning the city down on his own.


Harrington plays Milo, a slave turned gladiator, who ends up on the wrong side of an evil Senator played by Keifer Sutherland, when both should really be concentrating getting out of town before Mount Vesuvius explodes. The film will be directed by Resident Evil's Paul W.S. Anderson, so I wouldn't count on Pompeii being the cinematic triumph of our time or anything, but if Jon Snow spends most of his time wearing this outfit, something tells me plenty of people are going to be entertained.

[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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Sorry, did my ovary explosion get on you? My bad..