Jon Snow explains exactly how cold it is beyond the wall (Hint: It's freakin' cold

Illustration for article titled Jon Snow explains exactly how cold it is beyond the wall (Hint: Its freakin emcold/em

Game of Thrones season 2 doesn't come out in Blu-ray and DVD until February 19th, but here's another quick look at one of the set's extras: A roundtable discussion, starring at least actor Kit Harrington and producer/director David Benioff, who discuss what it was like filming the scenes in Iceland that serve as the lands beyond the Wall, probably amongst other things. Of special note: the beauty of the landscape, the ludicrously low temperature, and a potential side-job for Samwell Tarly.


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-35 degrees Celsius. And people going: "Oh my God, that's so cold!".

Well... Welcome to Scandinavia!

Better get used to it 'cause that's something that happens here every year.

Thank God, in the summer, the temperature is around a comfortable +25-30 degrees Celsius. I'd fucking ragequit Scandinavia if it was -40 in the winter and +40 in the summer.