Jon Hamm, looking dapper, as Jon Hamm does.
Photo: Greg Doherty / Stringer (Getty Images)

Noah Hawley’s next project isn’t quite as mindbending as his work on Legion, but its intriguing premise just got a shot in the arm with the addition of Jon Hamm, who’ll play another astronaut alongside main character Natalie Portman.

Variety reports that Hamm will be joining the film as a fellow space traveler that Portman’s character “aggressively pursues” when she returns to Earth after a lengthy space-bound mission—only to find her seemingly normal and happy life on the titular dot unravelling around her.


We still don’t know a lot about Pale Blue Dot beyond its attempts to explore the mental state of astronauts after long-term spaceflight, but given Hawley’s résumé and the stars he’s brought into the project, we can’t wait to see more. Production on the film is set to start this spring.

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