Jon Favreau: Iron Man's Look Borrowed from Top Gun and Battlestar Galactica

Yesterday we spoke to Jon Favreau, director of the upcoming Iron Man movie. In the panel before our chat, he showed an extended version of the jet boots scene from the Superbowl commercial for Iron Man, basically to prove that the whole movie isn't cut in that hyperfast MTV style that the trailers show. We see Tony working intimately on the jetboots, soldering wires, getting assistance from a voice-activated lab robot, and then running a test flight... which sends him spiraling into the wall. See what Favreau told us about the highly-anticipated superhero flick, below.

  • There's a lot of improv between Tony and the fire-safety robot who keeps dousing him with foam. He has a somewhat more stable flight around his garage (although he nearly cooks his cars). Then with a little fast forward action we see him in the full-fledged Mark II suit, testing the systems. Jarvis (now an A.I. robot instead of a proper English butler, although he retains the prim English accent). Tony decides to take an early flight around the city with his first test flight, and we want one of those suits. Flaps extend, thrusters fire, and it's pretty swanky.
  • Someone asked him what his inspiration to make the movie was, and he said "I was inspired by the box office returns on Zathura." Hey, dammit. I liked that movie!
  • When asked about the rumors on the internet about a scene with Nick Fury as Samuel L. Jackson appearing in both this movie and The Incredible Hulk, Jon said "Yes, it's true. There are rumors on the internet." He said the rumors are partially true, but not which part.
  • Stan Winston Studios designed the physical Iron Man suit, but ILM provided a CGI version of the suit. Sometimes the two are married together, but they use the physical suit whenever possible.
  • He talked about the flying scenes in-depth, and used Stealth as an example of how bad flying scenes can be. They tried to emulate the look of the flying scenes in both Top Gun and Battlestar Galactica that have more of a documentary feel.
  • If Iron Man does well, Favreau may be directing the Avengers movie.
  • There will be a new 90-second trailer shown during Lost this week. He showed us a 2 1/2 minute version of the trailer that will be in front of 10,000 B.C., and it has a lot of new stuff in it. New shots of Obadiah Stane, a brief glimpse of the Iron Monger, Tony's first test flight, Pepper catching him changing into his Iron Man suit, to which his says "Let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing."
  • He hadn't wanted to reveal that Iron Monger would be in the movie, but Hasbro released images of the toy, so they included some very brief shots of him in the new trailer.
  • They haven't yet figured out how Iron Man will sound when he's wearing the suit. Jon was literally leaving WonderCon to spend a few weeks at Skywalker Ranch to work on the sound mix, and to try and work out what Tony's broadcast voice will be.
  • There was a concerted effort to have a teenaged Tony Stark play Iron Man, much like Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man. Thank god that didn't happen.
  • He's stayed in touch with Doug Liman, who directed Favreau's Swingers script in 1996, although he hasn't gotten any action film directing tips from him.
  • We asked Jon about the sexy shot of Tony Stark with two scantily clad women that recently surfaced, and how hard would they be pushing the envelope of sexiness: "Well, this is rated PG-13, so not too hard, as a matter of fact that shot is not in the movie right now. It was mostly for time, but we'll include that scene on the DVD. I've made a movie that I would feel comfortable bringing my kids to. It's not a hard PG-13, but it's intense. I wouldn't say that there were any compromises made, but it definitely was informed by what the personality of the film should be."

Iron Man armors image courtesy of ScreenRant.

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