Jon Chu Wants to Make a GI Joe/Transformers/Jem Crossover Movie

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The Hasbro Cinematic Universe? There have been dumber ideas in Hollywood. GI Joe: Retaliation (a.k.a. the good one) and Jem director Jon M. Chu wants to make it happen with one big crossover flick, according to a recent interview.


As Chu told Cinema Blend:

I mean, I’m a huge Transformers fan, I would totally be down for that, but I really want to build my universe with Jem – but you could have Jem, G.I. Joe and Transformers collide - one epic blockbuster!


A couple of things to note here: 1) the Jem movie is terrible, 2) there almost certainly won’t be a sequel unless something unexpected happen, 3) Hasbro should have ordered a GI Joe/Transformers movie years ago because it’s the most obviously profitable idea ever and 4) you don’t actually need to include Jem among the gun-toting soldiers and homicidal robots. Frankly, she might only complicate matters, and that’s even if the Jem movie were good, which, I feel compelled to remind you, it very much wasn’t.

Still, if it came down to having Jem hang with Roadblock and Bumblebee or putting Michael Bay behind the camera for Joe/’Formers, I’ll take Jem anyday of the week.

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I’m among those who think Retaliation is even worse than the first one. First, it doubles down on the sexism - the moviekeeps finding excuse toget Lady Jaye in “sexy” clothing instead of have her fight and her entire character arc is getting the respect of the weirdly mysoginist character played by Bruce Willis. Second, that awful finale. Our heroes don’t start attacking the villain until after he has wiped London from the face of the Earth. Despite having had a man inside who could have prevented the destruction anytime. Then they beat the bad guys, save the President, get medals, and no one speak of London’s destruction ever again. Even the President in his speech doesn’t mention it! This is about 10 million death we are talking about here! The GIJoe let 10 million people die! But because they aren’t American, they don’t count? Fuck this movie.