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Jojo Rabbit's Teaser Trailer Features Taika Waititi Frolicking Around as Imaginary Hitler

Only Taika.
Only Taika.
Photo: Fox Searchlight
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Yes, we’re all excited for director Taika Waititi to make Thor: Love and Thunder but, before that, we’ve got another movie from the director and this one makes electrified gods with hammers seem sane.


Written, directed and starring Waititi, Jojo Rabbit is a film about a young boy with an imaginary friend. An imaginary friend who happens to be Adolf Hitler.

Yes that’s Scarlett Johansson. And Sam Rockwell. And Stephen Merchant. And Rebel Wilson. And Alfie Allen. It’s a great cast, in addition to Waititi.


I’m getting a very strong Wes Anderson vibe from this first look. The framing. The music. The fact that it’s boys in the woods camping kind of like Moonrise Kingdom. But the Waititi-ness of it all is the frolicking around in the woods with an evil maniac as well as that wry, biting humor. We aren’t quite sure how all of these elements come together in Jojo Rabbit but we know we’re excited for it.

Jojo Rabbit film will have its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival later this year and then hit theaters October 18.

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Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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I’m getting a very strong Wes Anderson vibe from this first look.

That’s what puts me off. I absolutely despise Wes Anderson’s work. I can’t even put my finger on precisely why. It just always feels like absolute style-over-substance smugness permeates every scene.

Not wanting to get into a big debate - if you like him, more power to you, but he’s *really* not for me.