Join the First-Ever Search for a Shipwreck on Mars!

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We've seen the astounding images of the Phoenix Lander that the HiRISE satellite camera sent from its bird's-eye view in Martian orbit. But what about the rest of the robot explorers on the Red Planet? There are five successful landers other than Phoenix and HiRISE has found those, too. Now the search is on for the mysterious Martian Polar Lander, which scientists assume crashed on the planet in 1999.


The Planetary Society is heading up the effort, but they need your help: they've got a stack of high-res images of the likely crash area that require a human pair of eyeballs to examine. Find the polar lander and you'll go down as the first explorer in history to discover a shipwreck on Mars.


[Check out images of the other successful landers (Viking I and II, Mars Pathfinder, Spirit, and Opportunity) here]

Source: The Planetary Society

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I wonder how the Martians feel about us littering their beautiful red landscape with our trash. It's bad enough we trashed earth, now we've already started leaving our crap on mars?

I think I'll start a galactic Mars day.