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Want to chat with your fellow io9ers about any topic you want? We've got an open discussion forum going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a place we call the Observation Deck.


What movies are you watching this Thanksgiving? Can anyone help you remember the name of that book you read 10 years ago about the planet full of insect people? Do you think aliens are responsible for what's happening to the Italian government? Is Avatar really going to be as awesome as everybody seems to think it will be?

You can talk about all this stuff and anything else you want to in the Observation Deck. Visit today!


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Ok, lets go for something general.

What was the first sci-fi you ever watched? Or at least the first one that lead you on the path to being a fan (which I assume you must be if your reading this!).

For me, Star Wars. My parents plonked me in front of it when I was 5 and it blew my brain out my ears.