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Now's your chance to become part of the movie-watching people (or robots) over at Mystery Science Theater 3000. The MST3K bunch have launched an iRiffs channel on their site, allowing you to submit your own commentary over terrible movies for the gang to judge. If they think your commentary track is funny enough, you could make the big bucks. Already, the RiffTrax site has been working with the MST3K folks for some time now creating some hilarious commentaries. Below, our favorite comentaries for Alien and Star Wars Episode II, with special guest Chad Vader. Basically iRiff is just a way of letting you submit your own work into Rifftrax. There is a step-by-step guide on the site explaining how to create your on commentary, and you submit it to iRiff. If your commentary is selected by RiffTrax, it'll be sold online, on a revenue sharing basis. We should start seeing the new commentary in October. Alien

Star Wars Episode II With Chad Vader!

[iRiffs via Wired]


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Um, doesn't it kind of defeat the whole spirit of riffing if the movie is actually good, or at the very least competently made? I mean, sure, I can understand making fun of Attack of the Clones, but Alien? Shit.

One of the defining traits of the Joel era of MST was that the movies weren't merely obscure or mediocre B-movies; they were berserkly awful cinematic abortions with no technical or artistic merit whatsoever. Joe Don Baker as a sex symbol? Sidehaxploitation? A crummy Japanese ripoff of Planet of the Apes? The only rational response was to riff.

That's what's great about Cinematic Titanic: so far, the movies have been up to (or is it beneath?) the standards of the old MST. Take The Oozing Skull, a horror movie from the early '70s about a mad scientist who transplants the brain of a Middle Eastern dictator into the body of a hideously deformed backwoods simpleton. Just summarizing the flick is an insult to rational thought. It feels like 1991 all over again!