Don't miss your chance to participate in a live talk about dinosaurs with members of the American Museum of Natural History's Paleontology Division, today at 12:30 ET!

io9 is teaming up with AMNH to host a live webcast discussion about research on the feathers of Microraptor, a small, four-winged dinosaur that lived about 130-million years ago. The non-avian dinosaur's fossilized plumage — which we wrote about in greater detail yesterday — had hues of black and blue like a crow, and is the earliest record of iridescent feather color.


Want to know more? Tune into today's live webcast, starting at 12:30 p.m. EST, when we'll be hosting a discussion with AMNH paleontologist Mark Norell and science artist Mick Ellison. We'll be talking about their involvement in the research, and fielding questions submitted by you via email ( or Twitter (#dinofeathers).

You'll be able to watch the webcast live on AMNH or here on io9 via the livestream featured below. Hope to see you there!

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