Join Dr. Horrible's Evil League Of Evil

Big Bads in the making, your time has come! Grab your sidekick and create your own video application to join the infamous Evil League Of Evil. Yes, right now the E.L.E. is accepting video auditions for new members. But be careful, you know what happens to those who disappoint Bad Horse.Should you be deemed evil and worthy by the E.L.E., then you will be eligible for a spot on the extras of the Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog DVD (rumored to be released this July). And with the way this world is going, I bet you're also offered three different webisode deals in no time. Songs are not required in this submission, but they're a plus, so says the E.L.E. The submission deadline is October 11, so you'd better get your minions in shape. Oh I hope if you get in, you're notified by a singing group of cowboys. [Evil League of Evil]


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