Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here. This is the first look at Disney's Into the Woods Big Bad Wolf, and that is definitely Johnny Depp in a zoot suit with wolf ears. YIKES. Everyone else looks great, though.

Entertainment Weekly has just unleashed four Into The Woods movie preview covers, thus revealing the official look of Into the Wood's Big Bad Wolf. And he looks like a wolf from a Tex Avery cartoon.

Yep, that's Johnny Depp, who appears to be channeling someone from the Cherry Poppin' Daddies crossed with the cartoon character wolf from the 1943 "Red Hot Riding Hood" cartoon. He's even got a wallet chain! The reason Depp's lothario-wolf look is so creepy is because Disney has cast the extremely young Lilla Crawford as Red Riding Hood. In the original musical, the original Red was played by 16-year-old Danielle Ferland, which fit in well with the show's "loss of innocence" themes that surround the character. The Big Bad Wolf even had a giant penis attached to his costume in the musical, so it's not like it was subtle.

But Lilla Crawford is 13 or 14 now (back in 2012 Huff Po reported that she was 11-years-old), which is a big difference from 16. So why is Johnny Depp's Wolf still looking like a sexual predator? It's weird and kind of icky. Thank goodness Disney didn't go with their first choice for Red, Sophia Grace — she's even younger than Crawford.


Why channel a dated lothario look at all? This doesn't even work with the rest of the Renaissance costumes. Does this mean that Disney IS going to have Depp seduce a young child? I highly, highly doubt it. But this most likely means that Red's solo "I Know Things Now" is probably very different, or was scrapped entirely. Then again if I was going to cast anyone to make a live action version of "Red Hot Riding Hood" I would choose Deep, and an older woman. So I'm torn, because I think the suit is hilarious. But does it work for Into The Woods and I'm 100% happy we are spared the exposed abs outfit from the original musical. But does this version work?

But in more positive news, everyone else looks pretty good. Love Meryl's hair.