Johnny Depp Probably Won't Be Winning Any Star Wars Trivia Contests

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It’s not surprising to hear that Johnny Depp probably isn’t a huge Star Wars fan. What is surprising, though, is the incident which makes us reach that likely conclusion.

Depp is just one of many stars in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming film Murder on the Orient Express. Among his co-stars is Daisy Ridley, who you may also know as Rey from the Star Wars films. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Ridley told this anecdote about meeting Depp.

I didn’t work with Johnny so much, but when I did, it was brilliant. Although, it was hilarious, because he said to me, ‘Daisy, I am going to see Star Wars, because I hear Peter Cushing’s in it.’ [Laughs] I was like, ‘He’s not in my one, but that’s okay.’


Yes, it seems like Johnny Depp thought Daisy Ridley was in Rogue One. Which, if he isn’t a Star Wars fan, isn’t a HUGE mistake. He knew the actress he was meeting was in a Star Wars film, and there was a Star Wars movie in theaters (Murder on the Orient Express shot early this year) at the time. It’s a seemingly logical conclusion that’d be the movie she’s in.

Now, the problem is that the Star Wars movie she is actually in made almost a billion dollars in the US alone, which is pretty big news if you’re a major film actor. “But wait,” you say. “Johnny Depp has, like, his own island. So maybe he was there when The Force Awakens came out.” Yes, maybe, but the film made an additional billion dollars internationally. Peter Cushing isn’t in that one, but it does have Max von Sydow. And Harrison Ford. And Carrie Fisher. And on and on.

Anyway, it’s funny story and thankfully, any Star Wars ignorance Depp exhibited on set was more than made up for by the actor who plays his assistant, Josh Gad—a Star Wars superfan, as evidenced by the links below.

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